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June Stripe Developer Digest

Faster checkout with Link

Link is a payment method that allows your customers to save payment details in checkout at any Link-enabled site across the Stripe network. Link is directly integrated into existing Stripe Payments UIs—it’s available in Checkout with no additional code and matches your customized UI in Stripe Elements.

Link saves payment details in checkout

Read our developer article on getting started with Link, and watch the developer office hours on YouTube.

Stay updated

Affirm: US-based companies can now accept payments with Affirm, a popular buy now, pay later payment method. Affirm is supported on the Payment Intents API, Checkout, Payment Element, Payment Links, Connect, and mobile SDKs. For more information, read the developer docs.

Metadata on subscription schedules: Schedule phases may be used to set metadata on a subscription. Developers control the metadata on a subscription through phases. As the subscription phases change, the metadata will be updated on the underlying subscription.

ACH subscriptions: Using the new ACH payment method on Payment Intents, you can now use Checkout and Payment Links to create subscriptions paid by debiting US bank accounts.

Payment Links updates

Mobile SDK updates

  • Stripe Android SDK version 20.4.0: Android version 20.4.0 now includes support for Affirm and AU BECS Direct Debit on the payment sheet and customization support via the appearance API.

  • Stripe iOS SDK version 22.4.0: iOS SDK version 22.4.0 now supports Affirm and AU BECS Direct Debit on the payment sheet and customization support via the appearance API.

  • Stripe React Native 0.11.0 and 0.12.0: In SDK version 0.11.0, Stripe React Native now supports Affirm and AU BECS Direct Debit on the payment sheet and customization. Version 0.12.0 introduces some fixes and changes to the appearance API.


Stripe Apps: We’re kicking off a series where you’ll learn how to build Stripe Apps, the newest way to build on Stripe. Watch the getting started episode, then learn how to build with the UI extensions SDK.

Orders and Stripe Tax: The new Orders API is in beta. Orders are an abstraction over Payment Intents to enable developers to build complete custom checkout experiences with support for Stripe Tax, line items, discounts, and more. In this livestream, you’ll see a walkthrough of how to use the new Orders API to enable automatic Stripe Tax calculation on your own forms. In addition, read this article to get started.

Remix and Stripe payments: Two new episodes are available explaining how to add Stripe to a Remix application. Start accepting payments, learn how to handle Stripe webhooks, and read our dev article on how to get started with Remix and Stripe.

Dev Chats: In this live session of Dev Chats, “Jammin’ with the Jamstack,” watch as @devdevcharlie, @irreverentmike, and @charlesw_dev help make sense of what’s really involved in building Jamstack applications and how to get started. You can watch this episode on YouTube.


Markdoc community projects

In case you missed it, Markdoc is the open-source authoring framework we use to build our docs. Special thanks to all the developers building plugins and helper libraries in the past month:

Learn how to get started with Markdoc and Next.js, and read this developer guide on how to build a Markdoc plugin.

Open-source software updates

Thank you to our top open-source contributors this month: joshnuss, hibariya, stianjensen, t-hale, illia-v, tirkarthi, fzn0x, nvanexan, TechSolomon, RomanHotsiy, thcyron, saiichihashimoto, clement911, bpinto, gustavodegeus, Morriar, vinistock, ghiculescu, robthornton, joe-p-thomas

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—The Stripe team

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✨ thank you for the mention!

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Denisse Abreu

Thanks for Linking my tutorial 👍

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Can anyone help me with stripe integration for telegram with express accounts(connected accounts)

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Mike Bifulco

Hi @machariah890 - it sounds like you might benefit from joining the Stripe Developers Discord. That's a great place to learn from other devs integrating with Stripe.