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October Stripe Developer Digest

If less code is good, is no code better?

Stripe No Code docs

Since we launched Payment Links more than a year ago, 500,000 businesses have already created five million links. The rapid growth in use of Payment Links is no coincidence: Not having to write code means getting to market more quickly with less maintenance and worry.

Not only do we think it’s okay for devs to use no-code tools, but we just launched our first Stripe docs for no-code options. It’s easier than ever to avoid writing code, whether that’s using Airtable as your form, Zapier as your ETL, or Stripe as your customer portal.

Stay updated

Stripe Identity mobile SDKs are now available: Verify your user’s identity documents using Stripe Identity, now with support for iOS, Android, and React Native.

Edit finalized invoices via API: Merchants have been able to edit invoices in the Stripe Dashboard, and this ability is now available using the API as well.


Add terms of service: Checkout now supports acceptance of terms of service when your customer is checking out. Set a URL to your terms in your account settings and turn on permission in your Checkout settings.

Present your customers with their local currency: With multi-currency Prices you can now present currencies local to your customer based on their location for improved conversion rates.

No code

Payment Links analytics: Payment Links now includes a view of metrics such as views, sales, and revenue from a given payment link.

Integrate the customer portal without code: Enable your customers to self-manage their payment details, invoices, and subscription, in minutes—without writing a single line of code—using the customer portal.

Documentation for Stripe no-code integrations: There is a new top-tier section in docs that outlines no-code options for using Stripe. These integrations can enable payments workflows while saving development time for engineering teams.

Mobile updates

Stripe Android SDK: Android SDK versions 20.12.0-20.14.1 were released this month, and include an expanded payment_method field for ACH requests, fixes to PaymentSheets, and the availability of PaymentMethod.Card.networks.

Stripe iOS SDK: iOS SDK versions 22.8.1-22.8.3 contain updates to PaymentSheet, CardScan, and Identity, as well as bug fixes for Financial Connections and the Card Scan UI.

Stripe React Native: version 0.19 was released, which contains breaking changes required to fit updated brand guidelines from Google for Google Pay and moves the minimum compileSdkVersion to v33.


Checkout Dev Chats: From supporting free trials to embeddable pricing tables, Stripe Checkout has rapidly expanded in the past month. In this month’s livestream sessions, we heard from the experts building and using Checkout. Watch our conversations with them to learn more:

Designing APIs for humans: In this series, you’ll learn about how Stripe designs APIs. Starting with the structure and purpose of object IDs. You can also learn more about designing error messages that are accurate, descriptive, helpful, and empathetic.

Rendering markdown with Markdoc in Rails: Markdoc is Stripe’s newly open-sourced framework for authoring content. Learn how to set up a Rails application so that it can render markdown with Markdoc in this article from CJ Avilla.

Get paid “IRL” with Terminal: In case you missed part four in the get paid IRL series, you can learn about canceling reader actions and in-flight payments and how to provide receipts for in-person transactions.

Tinydemos: Learn how to use Stripe from small examples with mighty functionality.

Other articles and talks



Nov 1 | All Things Open Conference | Raleigh, NC
Building Markdoc: a powerful, flexible Open Source Markdown framework

Nov 3 - 5 | Caribbean Developers Conference | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Accepting payments with Stripe Checkout
Going from zero to revenue with Stripe

Nov 8 | Jamstack Conf | San Francisco, CA
Reaching for the sky with the Jamstack

Nov 16 | Chirp Developer Conference | San Francisco, CA
How to monetize on the Twitter API

Dec 1 | Web Directions Summit | Sydney, Australia
Trust me, I'm an open-source developer

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I love Stripe and trust it to take all my card payments. The Stripe payment gateway for WooCommerce also handles Apple Pay. Voodoo love spells to get your ex back