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6 Best Tools For Developers


If you are a junior programmer, this will give you an idea the improve your coding skills, and if you are a senior developer, you are still learn something new from it. Extensions are one the best tools for developers.

Let's see the best tools for developers.
List of Best Tools For Developers
Window Resizer
Clear Cache
Use Javascript and CSS
Toggl Track
Now let's discuss the tools:

1. ColorZilla

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ColorZilla is a Google Chrome and Mozilla extension that helps web developers and graphic designers with color-related and other tasks. ColorZilla allows preparing a color interpretation from any point in the browser, quickly changing this color and pasting it into another program.

ColorZilla is one of the popular extensions for a developer. It has 20lakhs+ users. It helps you to identify the color values quickly that helps you to improve your productivity when you have design relevant work. So, it's one of the best tools for developers.

2. Window Resizer

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Window Resizer is an extension that lets you easily resize and reposition the current window to your desired values. Developers would like to create a new profile for my modern browser window size and take where on the screen that window will seem. It's one of the most used tools for developers. It has 6lakhs+ users to use the tool.

3. Clear Catch

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It's one of the favorite extensions of a developer. Chrome extension that gives you instant access to clearing your browser data with a single click. It clears the history, cookies, passwords, etc. It's free for use, not costly. It has 8lakhs+ users. It's one of the best tools for developers.

4. Use JavaScript and CSS

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Every developer would like to use JS and CSS in his projects to design them correctly. Also great for prototyping your extension or beginning to create your website widgets. It initiates getting customers' websites easy because developers can quickly debug their javascript by using this extension and their website. And it has 70,000+ users to use this super tool. It's one of the best tools for developers.

5. Toggl Track ##

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Toggl Track is a time tracking software operated by Toggl OÜ. Toggl Track tracks time blocks optionally labeled with a task, a project, and tags. It has 3lakhs+ users. So, it's the best tool for developers.

6. AdBlock

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This tool helps to block ads on the browser and display the content quickly. It is very irritating when a browser loads the page and gets unwanted ads on a page. So this extension removes ads from your browser and it has 1crore+ users to the extension. It is one of the popular tools for developers.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy the tools.

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