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How to remove underline in <a href=""> tag.

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<a> tag, an essential tag for web development. This is the only way (as I thought) to add hyperlinks to website. This tag plays a main role to make a NavBar and that in turn plays an important role in web-development. Many of my website or all of my website have a navbar in turn have a <a> tag.

But there is a problem in <a> tag. When you implement it such as

<a href="#">Hello</a>
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Underlined hyperlink

Then the output text would have an underline. It is useful because we can distinguish between a hyperlink and a text. But when you want to create your own method of distinguishing, it is very much terrible to look with undrline text.

So, to prevent underline hyperlink, implement the following...

a {
color: /* Choose any */;
text-decoration: none;

<a href="#">Some Text...</a>
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No Underline

After implementing, the hyperlink will have no underline.

Thanks for Reading 😇

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quite simple but good tutorial

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Subhransu Patra

Thanks for your review. I will be bringing more post about HTML, CSS and JS soon! Do check out out my previous posts and my website also 😀.

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