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My favorite stock photo source, WOCinTech Chat

A quick search for "programmer" or "coder" on some of the most common stock photo websites turns up, unsurprisingly, mostly photos of white men (and the occasional white woman.) Often in American society, men the default person, and white women are the default "woman."

WOCinTech chat has written about this problem, including how women of color are underrepresented both in the tech industry and also in stock photos of people working in our industry. As a result, they've done a series of three photo shoots of women of color who work in tech to be freely used as stock photos! These photos shouldn't just be used when writing about diversity and inclusion in our industry, but also when you need a stock photo of a programmer, or a pair of hands at a keyboard.

The full album of photos are available on their Flickr, and are licensed under a Creative Commons (Attribution) license, which means you simply need to give credit whenever you use the images for any purpose.

I've made a point to use their stock photos when I need photos of programmers or other people doing tech work, and here's just a sampling of the awesome variety of images they have available:

woman with child and laptop
woman using computer
laptop in lap

So, if you need a stock photo of someone doing tech work (a header image on, for example!) consider checking out #WOCinTech chat's stock photo gallery!

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Kelvin Wangonya

I was just looking for this! Thanks!

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Super cool, thanks for sharing!