So I joined the Code First Girls Coding Kickstarter - (Remote) Introduction to Web Development

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It was a bright Monday morning that I was browsing the infamous web in search of something to do. Upon the third time scrolling through my Twitter, I came across an organization that led me down a rabbit hole of similar organizations all of which had one goal in common: Helping women in the tech industry and encouraging women and girls to join this career path.

Consider me intrigued.

A small backstory about myself.

My name is Alexia and I am 19 years old. So nice to meet you. I am currently into my 4th semester and in September I will officially be going into my third year into the pursue of my Computer Science And Engineering bachelors. English is not my mother language so do feel free to forgive any and all typos and/or grammatical errors and know that I am sorry for those little suckers. But I digress, as I usually do.

So I am a female knee-deep into tech and coding. As one might understand, when I saw all the different courses that this organization offered, the feeling I felt was that of a kid at a candy store. If I could, I would have joined all of them but I decided to dip my toes into one course and see how this one goes. And so I applied for the Coding Kickstarter - (Remote) Introduction to Web Development. (I also applied for a Python Course but I haven't heard a word about that.)

I got in. And I was sent the schedule and a google drive full of notes and instructions. I will officially begin in 7 days and I am excited. One might ask why are you writing this, and you would be correct but hey you are reading this. Call it networking? motivation? I don't know but here I am.

If you read all of this, congratulations I am so proud of you. Let me know if you do, and if you have any programming jokes please do feel free to write them below, I am always in the search for those.

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Hey Alex, well first nice to meet u too, when i first get into tech twitter i was searching for those kind of organization i found some but none of them offered a course or anything like that or maybe i just didnt dig deep enough, please share a link of it.


Hello Mariam, this is the link for the Code First Girls courses that I applied to codefirstgirls.org.uk/courses/ .