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Today I learned day 5

Sparta Coding Club: Camp Learning for Tomorrow - Today I learned Day 5(9.17.2021.Fri)

Notes for Future References


  • GET: read
  • POST: create, update, delete


        type: "GET",
        url: "",
        data: {},
        success: function (response) {

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  • "Type" refers to a type of HTTP method it's using.
  • "url" for the url where you want to request data.
  • "data" for data to SUBMIT. In this case, the function is only for requesting, so no need for "data."
  • "success" - "A callback function to be executed when Ajax request succeeds" reference:

Today's Event

  1. A lecture from a backend developer about how to learn and improve as a programmer (e.g. reflection and feedback from others), and open source projects and git and github.
  2. A code review with study mates.
  3. An app-making-test with only one hour given. Only completed about 1/5 of it. Learned a lot about what I need to learn and improve.
    • The test required some understanding of jquery, ajax, and flask.

Note: I'm an aspiring developer from South Korea who just started a boot camp. I will be posting almost daily as a log to record my progress.

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