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LetsGrowMore Web Development Internship Experience

Hello everyone, I have successfully completed the web Development Internship at LetsGrowMore by completing the Task-1 and Task-2
assigned by them.

Task-1:Single-Page Website
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, javascript
Code Editor: Visual Studio Code
Github Link: []
Website Link: [file:///C:/Users/sujic/Desktop/LGM-VIP-Task-1-main/Task-1/index.html]

Task-1 Experience:
* I learnt HTML,CSS and javascript for designing this website. I faced some issues in coding for the responsiveness of the website. I have learnt so many new things about javascript while doing this website. On the whole it was a great experience and I have learnt and cleared the issues about how to code to set our current responsive locations on maps for contact and for the responsiveness of the website. This website has no database linked in for its responsive data storage, It is a simple website that will take you to know about the information of the theme of the website when you click on the responsive button that I have designed.

Task-2: Web Application Using Create-React-App
Technologies Used: HTML, React js, Javascript, CSS
Code Editor: CodeSandBox
Github Link: []
Website Link: []

Task-2 Experience:
* I learnt React JS to complete this Web Application. In this I have used API link to fetch the data to display. I have used HTML, CSS to design the layout and the responsive part is made of React js. This is a simple Web Application to display the users of the brand while clicking in the get users button. On the Whole I learnt React js completely while doing this. This gave me a great experience attempting a new thing on Web Development.

* I thank Mr. Aman Kesarwani and LetsGrowMore for giving me this opportunity to work on the projects based on Web Development. Through this Internship I have learnt and gained a lot of practical knowledge in the field of Web Development.
* To know more about LetsGrowMore Internships visit the site [] and [].

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Nice congratulations🎉🥳👏👏