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If we don't use redux-thunk or redux-saga, what do we use?

sunflower profile image sunflowerseed ・1 min read

Only a portion of people who use React uses Redux, and only a portion of that uses redux-thunk or redux-saga:

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For the last year I've been using react context as my global state solution with some useReducer magic here and there, and I'm very happy with the results. I miss how easy was to use middlewares, but there's always a workaround.

I just started using Apollo lately, and if you use GraphQL, it also works pretty well!

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sunflowerseed Author

you don't use Redux but just use a context? does that mean when data updates the whole App's components render() are called?

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Nope, good thing about using Context, you can create more than one. Also, only the components "subscribed" to a context will rerender if the context changes. It's basically the same as REDUX.

You have a great example of how to do it here:

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Sung M. Kim

Seems like you are looking for a state management library w/o Redux.

I hear good things about Zustand, which you might want to try. (I will too)

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