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Sunil Aleti
Sunil Aleti

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Alternative to backend services for a contact form in Static pages

Nowadays, Even basic project as creating a simple portfolio may involve some problems, like receiving data from contact form.
There are many ways to read those data. You can connect your form with the database but it may be some troublesome for beginners.

So there are some services which can help you out

You can signup to any of these (free) services and configuration is damn simple, there are bunch of others services too.

I even used formspree service for my portfolio page
Give it a try !!
Hope it's useful
A ❤️ would be Awesome 😊

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Mertcan Yücel • Edited

I suggest everyone check out for an alternative form backend platform.
We built Getform to help designers and developers to easily handle their web forms.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Sunil Aleti

Hey Thanks but can you explain in what way it is differentiable to others

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Basel Akasha

An open source self-hosted alternative would be useful. Any suggestions?

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I would highly recommend the form backend service fabform