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Hacky Friday Stuff #03.07.2020

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Links about web development, product engineering, tools and services from all over the internet.

On Coding, Ego and Attention
Some interesting thoughts on finding to get out of your own way by learning the link between ego and attention.

Advanced Active Record: Using Subqueries in Rails
Active Record gives us the ability to perform simple queries simply but also lets us access the raw SQL which is sometimes required to get our jobs done. Subqueries are a perfect example of that, and we'll see how to create subqueries in Rails and Active Record in the SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and HAVING clauses of an SQL statement. With the expressiveness of Active Record, one doesn’t have to resort to writing completely in SQL to use a subquery.

Articles & tutorials

AnyCable 1.0: Four years of the real-time web with Ruby and Go
Vladimir Dementyev proudly announced the 1.0 release of AnyCable—a drop-in turbo-extension for Action Cable that relies on the same API and also works outside of Rails. It took four years to turn his idea into a robust backbone for real-time Ruby applications. Discover new features, learn from wins and fails, peek into the AnyCable’s future, and see how using Ruby and Go together gives you the best of both worlds!

Writing Resilient Components
Old good article about React components and useful principles that can help writing them better.

A deep dive into React Context API
A great, detailed overview of React Context API that will save your components from unwanted prop-drilling.

Building the Tailwind Blog with Next.js
A writeup from Adam Wathan on how they built a blog for Tailwind CSS using Next.js and MDX documents.

Gems, libraries, services

Amazon Honeycode
You need to manage your tasks, your projects, and your team. Now you can build an app to achieve your goals with Amazon Honeycode. No programming required.

Trailblazer 2.1
The release notes of the recently updated Trailblzer framework.

RxDB (short for Reactive Database) is a NoSQL-database for JavaScript Applications like Websites, hybrid Apps, Electron-Apps, Progressive Web Apps and NodeJs. Reactive means that you can not only query the current state, but subscribe to all state changes like the result of a query or even a single field of a document.

Expensive Meeting
A fun site to calculate the average cost of a meeting. It makes you think twice before spawning a long meeting with many people involved.


Parallel Passion | 40. Tobias Pfeiffer
Tobi is a developer, leader, benchmarker, Rubyist, Elixir fan, learner, teacher and agile crafter by passion. He loves collaboratively creating just about anything people enjoy - be it the Ruby User Group Berlin, SimpleCov, benchee, or other projects while thinking about new ideas to push boundaries. Currently he's helping companies onboard onto Elixir and creating wonderful web applications in his journey as a freelancer.

Full Stack Radio | 142: Jason Cohen - Learning to Hire and Manage a Team
In this episode, Adam talks to Jason Cohen of WP Engine about hiring people to join the Tailwind team, figuring out what to focus on, and learning how to manage.

Ruby Rogues | RR 462: Graphiti, REST, and GraphQL with Lee Richmond
Lee Richmond is one of the primary developers behind the Graphiti library for Ruby. Lee describes Graphiti as the spiritual successor to ActiveResource. It provides a convenient way to provide an API that understands the object graph in your application without needing to resort to GraphQL.

Code[ish] | 74. How Dev.to Built a Community
With six million unique users a month and 350,000 registered users, Dev.to has become the place for developers to engage with a broader community. The team behind the site has focused a lot of its energy on making sure the site is reliable, regardless of network speeds, and safe, with plenty of guidance and moderation tooling in place. Ben Halpern, its CEO, and Jess Lee, its COO, answer questions from Julián Duque on how they were able to build this fast-growing social network for tech.


Rails Architects Conference Series by Arkency

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