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re: Coding boot camps are an epidemic that must stop or change how they're approaching this! They are created by people who're capitalizing on the help...

One of my best friends and another girl i know went through a bootcamp. 7 months ago they couldn't code at all. Today they are a pair of brilliant front end developers who continually seek to improve. They were taught by an awesome teacher and in 5 months they did absorb very well going to school EVERY DAY.

I don't think all bootcamps are awesome or wrong. But for what i saw in first person it does work. A Bootcamp will give you the basics, well enough to get you motivated to keep on learning on your own. I mean, i am a self taught programmer with 17 years of formal experience. I attended to one of those bootcamps for full stack dev and it was a great idea. I don't think at this point of my life i would start an undergrad programme in CS... so bootcamps can be a solution to many who discovered a passion for development later in their lives, or those who don't have access or means to fund a full time education.

You can't just generalise....


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I concur that the teacher makes a huge difference in this equation. One of the problems with many boot camps is that they employ people who have gone through their own programs or have 1-2 years experience goofing around with programming stuff. You're not going to learn much from people like that. They just don't have enough real-world experience to truly teach you to the extent you should be taught.

I'm not suggesting that anyone consider an undergrad program in CS - that is beyond most people trying to attend boot camps because they're looking for a quick fix. People can very well get a full-time education via Coursera/Udacity, so I don't buy not having the means to fund a full-time education as an excuse.

I'm also not trying to generalize, but I have talked to a wide range of people and worked directly with all of them to get enough insights to form an opinion here. We're talking about ~100 students from various boot camps around the world. I do this daily.

At the end of the day, I'm trying to help these people get out of a mess that they got into. Many of them had to take out loans. Almost all of them have been feeling like they're worthless and not cut-out for this which isn't true at all. These institutions (small and large) have played them.

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