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Suraj Vishwakarma
Suraj Vishwakarma

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Calendar Management API for your next project


In this hectic world when we want to do a lot of things but we have only 24 hours a day, it becomes crucial to maximize productivity and manage time efficiently.

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It's hard to manage time on your own completely and it is not a trivial thing to do. But using a calendar manager makes a huge difference. Today we are going to look into Spurwing's time management API and review their API for building custom solutions.

What is Spurwing's Appointment Scheduler?

Spurwing is in the business of helping companies reduce their time, cost, and related resources when it comes to time management and scheduling efficiency. Their API is very flexible and allows us to design, develop and release production-ready tools and solutions for your business or project.

Spurwing's Appointment Scheduler

You can use Spurwing’s resources and API to build scheduling and time management solutions for any industry, from healthcare to construction, supply chain, transportation, aviation, and more. Building your own scheduling system from scratch is inefficient and error-prone, it’s not a good thing to reinvent the wheel, because these are already taken care of:

  • Identifying Overlapping Slots
  • Availability management
  • Time zones and daylight savings
  • Organizational access levels
  • Privacy, security, and HIPAA compliance
  • Two-way calendar syncing

There are many exciting things about Spurwing.

Why I like Spurwing's Calendar Management API?

  • If you work in a team with people from different countries and timezone, it will consider timezone as a parameter to match all the members of the team.

  • It becomes hectic when you have multiple calendars, so Spurwing will integrate with multiple calendars such as Google, Outlook, and Apple to build a single calendar centralized calendar system.

  • There are other calendar management APIs but they don't have a lot of free resources and/or developer flexibility. Spurwing on the contrary is an advanced calendar management API with a lot of features and a free marketplace.

  • It sends notifications on my behalf to others about appointments, meetings, and booking confirmation.

  • They have open source widgets that we can put into our website so users can book appointments.

  • There are a lot of features, you can check more on Spurwing.


Spurwing's REST API makes appointments scheduling child’s play.

Below are several wrappers for Spurwint’s API in different programming languages:

JavaScript Library

let sp = new Spurwing();

const PID = 'your provider id';

let allApps = await sp.get_appointment_types(PID, true)

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GitHub: Spurwing-API-Javascript-Library

NodeJS Library

const Spurwing = require('spurwing')

const PID = 'your_provider_id';
const KEY = 'your_api_key';

let sp = new Spurwing();

let allApps = await sp.list_appointments(KEY, 1000, 0, PID)

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GitHub: Spurwing-API-NodeJS-Library

React Widget

React Widget

GitHub: Spurwing-ReactJS-widget

Python Library

from spurwing import Client as sp

PID = 'your_provider_id';
KEY = 'your_api_key';

A = sp.list_appointments(KEY, 1000, 0, PID)

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GitHub: Spurwing-API-Python-Library

Last Note

There are many things to do with Spurwing. I hope you will try Spurwing's API.

Thank You for reading the blog post.

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