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Day 8 Training: Birthday-lucky react app

Suryansh Chopra
These blogs will follow my journey to become a web developer
・1 min read

Yesterday was my Day 8 Training at Ryaz. The objective was to make a Is-your-birthday-lucky app in react.

  • Take user's complete birthday
  • And his/her lucky number.
  • Now, find out if sum of digits of birthday is divisible by the lucky number.
  • Show the result to user with some graphics.
  • Create this as a website, put a privacy notice. Say that you're not storing data.

This was very time tasking project not because of logic but because of designing. After a day on working on this I had to take a small help from Material UI regarding the alert boxes and Icons. Rest I had to dig up the CSS from internet. In short I'm totally exhausted by this project :)

The Live project is up at code sandbox

Code for this project is updated on my Github


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