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How to begin learning Android App Development?

Learning Android App Development may seem like a little difficult task, but it can give a number of career opportunities and possibilities or capabilities. It has been growing since the smartphones was launched way back in 2007.
Basically building Android apps comes down to two major skills or languages such as Java and Android. Java is the language used in Android, but the Android part encompasses learning XML for the design of the app, learning the concepts of Android, and using the concepts programmatically with Java.
As we know that these days the use smartphones are increasing so rapidly and the development of android app has seen a big surge in the demand of applications. It has a very big market scope as well, considering Android is one of the most widely used OS in smartphones these days. It occupies a huge market share, thanks to the strong backing by Google and mobile companies using it as their primary OS.
Mostly peoples are learn this because Android devices are getting more efficient and affordable, so the already significant market share could grow. And there are no signs of a slowdown in the need for capable app developers. So if you're hoping to pick up this skill set for professional purposes, this is a fantastic time to do so.
The simplest way to develop android app is once you set up Android Studio, you’ll either need an Android device to test on or a virtual device. They've got a guide on setting up virtual devices here. You’ll also need access to Google Play Console with a developer account if you want to launch to the Google Play store. This isn't necessary to get started with development though.
Here I mentioned some fundamentals for building an android app development.

  1. Learn the language- Java and XML are the two main programming languages used in Android App development. Knowledge and mastery over these programming languages are, therefore, prerequisites to developing an Android app.
  2. Knowledge about development tools and the environment- It is very important to get yourself familiarize with the build automation tools as well as the integrated development environment before you start developing your app.
  3. Ditching activities and fragments- We all know how complex and frustrating Android’s Activity and Fragment lifecycle can sometimes get, but there are other, more modern ways of creating apps as well. This article can show you these modern Android development methods.
  4. Became an android developer from scratch- This is one of the most popular courses on Udemy. with over 340000 people who have enrolled in it. This course will teach you how to set up your environment and create, run, and debug the application on both emulators and devices.
  5. Start Developing for Android- This is one of the first courses you should attend on Android. It's fundamental and covers some essential fundamentals of the Android application development platform. In this course, you will first learn how Android apps are structured, then download Android Studio to create the Hello World app. After that, you will extend the Hello World app to learn core concepts such as drawables, dimens, styles, menu, and testing.

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