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How to get your First Client as a Developer ?

Getting your First client is always a tough work. You have skills and knowledge but still not getting clients? Yeah that's a common problem among freelancer beginners, specially in Developer field as competition is too high.

Having skills and knowledge is not enough, You have to learn how to Market your skills and services in public.

There are 2 ways to get your first client.

  • Facebook Community (Most common)

  • LinkedIn (Yeah the pool of professionals)


1. Facebook Community

This is the most common method for getting clients. You must have already seen this method in many posts, right?
Well let's cut to the chase, Facebook is a huge community of people and professionals looking for work and having fun time. One of the main point of Facebook is it's Groups, Facebook offers multiple groups and community for different target audience. To get your perfect lead you have to join groups related to your niche.

In these groups, people post their requirements for freelancers, and all you have to do is convert that lead into sales. Now converting that lead into sales take a lot more than HTML and CSS. It is a total matter of your communication skills and how you treat the person or potential client.

2. LinkedIn

Now for some folks or beginners, that's a scary name, right?

" It is full of professionals, how can I ever get a lead in such a huge competition?"

That's a pretty common myth. Surely LinkedIn is a place full of working professionals and there is huge competition there. But if you know how to play your cards right, you can steal a quite good gig there.

After all ,That's How I got my First Client !.

Yeah, that's right. I got my first ever App Development client from LinkedIn, a pool full of scary professionals.

Getting your client from LinkedIn is quite different from Facebook, You don't have to join some groups or communities here, instead, you have to make connections.

Connections are friend requests but for professional reasons and works. But that's not enough to get started, you have to build an attractive and solid profile first. Full of your experiences and works.

Now by Experience, I am not referring to Actual work. Experience includes any personal project you worked on to learn those awesome skills you have.

Make any 3 next-level projects you are proud of and share them on LinkedIn as a Post and in profile so that your potential client or lead can have a hint of what you are capable of.

Well, there is a whole method for How to get started on Linkedin, You can find my Blog for that here.

But this is enough to get started in your Freelance Career.

Bonus Tip

It will be a great advantage if you have a Live Portfolio site with a list of all your Top 3 Projects.

Well, that's it for this Blog, Let me know in the comments if I missed something or if you have anything to add value to this post. I would love to hear that.

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One of the greatest blog I read on this topic, was hoping to find something like this from a long time, Explained in very simple language. Here to see your more blogs. keep updating.

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