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Frontend developer? Pull nodejs code into your plate!

It is very common that nowadays a huge lot of products have a middleware written in node. Writing this node code second time in my career, I would like to say, "why it should belong to a front end developer!"

A simple reason...

In every interview (if none is scheduled, it may even after 5 years), a backend engineer who has written node is going to ask questions on javascript.

So what?, one may say.

We might have coded in UI for say 5 years, 10 year or even 15-20 years. In UI, we follow almost an exact same pattern of javascript code that interacts with 2 more languages html & css. Yes, we covered object oriented concepts, es6 and more.

But what did we not cover?

Front end developers, mostly have not handled the asynchronous behavior(apart from browser engine puts a wait OR for a server call).

Also, we never thought of "how javascript can handle multiple requests at a time without being a multithread". We never had to know about event loop until recent years.

What would a backend developer who has coded node think?

This guy/girl has done javascript for years but yet doesn't know certain concepts which I(backend developer) could learn in a span of say 2-6 months. Something must be missing.

Well, not just that..

Learning node or coding in node, gives us a lot better understanding of javascript through which we can think in terms of patterns better. We can choose a front end framework wisely. Or even code without a framework but by choosing open source tools for template-ing, fast-dom, MVC skeleton and more..

It is also profitable to the company as they are enhancing the knowledge of the right person/team through which their UI also improves.

That was a short write. Thanks for reading! Happy coding :)

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