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Swapnil Agarwal
Swapnil Agarwal

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Hacktoberfest 2019 — Time to Start your Open-Source Journey!

What is Hacktoberfest, anyway?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open-source software. It was started by Digital Ocean in 2014. People from all over the world contributed to make it a huge success. It is now a regular event in October every year.

Why should I participate?

If you are on the edge, and need some motivation / push to start contributing to open-source, this is the perfect opportunity for you. There are loads of cool swag up for grabs!

Swag, you say?

Yes! It varies from organization to organization. The most popular one is of Digital Ocean where you get a cool T-shirt on submitting 4 Pull Requests. You can check out to keep tabs on all of the opportunities.

That’s awesome! I’m sold. How do I participate?

Register at You can check your status anytime at

Can you walk me through everything step-by-step?

Here’s an informative, beginner-friendly and FUN video on how to get started on your open-source journey:

Do you have any collaboration opportunities?

Lots of them (glad you asked):

  3. Submit geeky translations of English words at
  4. Submit introductory explanations to technical concepts at 5.Submit inspiring content at Let the Hacking Begin!

I’m aiming for merging 100+ PRs during this month, so if you’re new to open-source, it’s a good time to step up!

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