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Swapnil Agarwal
Swapnil Agarwal

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📚 Read all Medium posts for free

My current situation is this: I'm subscribed to a lot of newsletters that curate content in the tech domain and almost all of them are behind a paywall!

I want to get out of the Medium ecosystem, but I can't. Not everyone can be expected to pull off the FreeCodeCamp move (leaving Medium to their own publishing platform).
To make matters worse, Medium now puts all new stories behind paywall by default! And you know how we process defaults - we just leave them be.

I'm guilty of opening the posts in incognito mode to read them. To be honest, I started doing that subconsciously. Then I came across this tweet from Medium's CEO:

Excited, I opened Chrome after a long time. I'm used to developing extensions in Chrome (dates back to college days) and then port to Firefox.

The extension works in the background, w/o any user intervention, for all posts. It lets you read all Medium stories for free.

Check it out on Product Hunt -> 💯

🤗 Hugs / 🐛 bugs welcome!

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Sethu Senthil

It's the best of both worlds, support your authors and get the content for free without ads! Great idea!

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what happen?