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What are the recent javascript technologies that I should use in my project?

swayamsvk profile image Swayam Samyak Debasis twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Actually,I am going to work on a new project which is a chatroom using web sockets in node.What are the other recent technologies I should use in this project to keep myself updated with the recent technologies.

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Hey @Swayam what is the aim of the technologies you are looking for? QA, static analysis, error logging, message brokers? Let us know so we can better suggest you good stuff :)


Well, here I didn't exactly mean tools. I meant technology stacks. Can you give me a suggestion on that basis?


You can go with an atomic design ( approach at the frontend with React, having small components that interacts with you nodejs endpoints. If you are going to use sockets with Node you can try ( with express endpoints ( For caching messages, chat room data and such, redis ( may be pretty convenient. If you are going to handle file upload, you may want async behavior, a good open source solution that wirth to look at is the message broker RabbitMQ (

Of course, you can replace all these backend open source stuff by AWS managed services: Redis -> Elasticache, RabbitMQ -> SQS + SNS.

I suggest you also to take a look at where you will find the stack of the trending tech companies.

Thanks a lot, I will take all these stuff into consideration while building my project.


Take a look into feathers. It's a oppiniated node framework to create realtime applications with node.
It supports most when not all major databases and supports rest and we sockets out of the box.


Yup, taking your opinion into consideration.


Nest Js is that server-side node framework. A little bleeding edge but makes a code easier to maintain and things like proxies and sockets can be used simple plug-in usually

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