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How I stay focused while coding

Staying focused while coding is very important and especially while debugging ifykyk

Here's what I do to stay focused 👇:

Stay hydrated 💧

Staying hydrated is very important it helps my brain think better and reduces stress, so I keep my water bottle close to me and refill it constantly.

No social media 🙅‍♂️

Social media notifications are the most distracting thing in this world to me, so I keep them off everytime and only open social media when I'm done with my work 💻

Calm environment 😌

Calm and relaxing environment is the key to think better, I personally cannot think in a chaotic environment, I plugin my earphones and use to make my environment calm using relaxing sounds 🌊🌳, it's free to use.

Organising tasks as per priority 📈

Often times when there are lots of tasks on my plate I lose focus and jump around the tasks without completing any, so I prioritise each and every task and only touch them when it's their turn.

What do you do to stay focused while coding?

Drop yours below 👇

Thanks for reading! 🤗

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