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Running app on iOS13/13.1.1 Device from XCODE 10.2

iOS 13 is here along with XCODE 11. Hurrah!!!!!!

With exciting dark theme on iOS and got full blown SwiftUI within hand, I just pumped up and went to get Xcode 11. But wait!! You need macOS Catalina(10.15) and it's on beta. I don't want to make my hand down to beta version. So I just retain myself from that and went back to my old Xcode 10.2.
When I plug my device and build one of my current project, Xcode starts screaming with "Could not locate device support files".

Hmmm, bummer. Now should I download Xcode 11 GM seed 2? It's nearly 7.1GB and it will take hours to download with my slow internet. So I start looking for any solution on SO and found one to run app into my iOS 13 device with Xcode 10.2.

  • Download DeviceSupport file for 13.0 from this repo.

  • Download DeviceSupport file for 13.1/13.1.1 from this repo.

  • Unzip and rename the folder with 13.0 (17A5508m) (13.1 for 13.1/13.1.1).

  • Go to DeviceSupport folder of Xcode
    (open finder -> press cmd+shift+G -> /Applications/

  • Paste 13.0 (17A5508m) folder there.

  • Restart Xcode.

Now run your project and Voilà!! it's running on your iOS 13 device.

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Sébastien Kalb

This is brilliant, you just saved me hours of unsuccessful downloading !