Why Medium Actually Sucks

Ryland G on June 06, 2019

In the last couple weeks, there's been a lot of backlash against Medium in response to the infamous "Paywall". I started seeing a lot of tweets sim... [Read Full]
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Nice post. I'm conflicted about the title you chose as the best way to get the point across but you shouldn't change it now. πŸ™‚

Of course, I wrote something recently addressing Medium's place in the world:

I'm not crazy about "piling on", but in the case of Medium, a massive VC-funded company founded by an already rich, accomplished tech guy it's definitely a case of "punching up".

I recently also posted my problems with how FreeCodeCamp handled the situation, but that didn't put Medium in the right. They were sort of both in the wrong and the relationship was bound to end poorly based on how each party chose to seek the right outcome.

Anyway, I think the real trouble of all this is that we shouldn't have to work so hard ourselves to be treated properly on these platforms. We're really trying to make our tooling such that data import, export, canonical URLs, etc. is streamlined so it's not a burden to make sure you're covering your bases and getting a fair deal.


I generally just think Medium has gotten arrogant about their position and no longer feels the need to serve the community. To me that is the biggest mistake they have made. Every criticism I put in my post is fixable, but I think their problem lies in culture and mentality and not just in process.

Thanks for taking the time to read it, I really appreciate it.


Also I seem to get way more engagement from Dev.to over anything I have ever posted on Medium


Completely agree, the engagement has actually been the most impressive part of Dev.to so far.


You don't need even Wordpress or Drupal for simply hosting blog posts. By using a static site generator like pelican or jekyll, you can freely host your content on github-pages. Its free to use and they also allow you to link your own domain!

If you aren't technically inclined, there are also other options like Blogspot and Tumblr. DEV.to is great for networking but you should also have your own blog or site as your online identity or whatever.

Its absolutely free for hosting blogs and they even allow you link your domain!


I never liked Medium too much as a user: all these modal dialogs, images are blurred in an ugly way while being loaded, sticky footer and header are waaay too big, comments section is hard to follow – so many little annoying things that I sometimes resort to reading Medium articles in Lynx. Then again, without alt text for images that's not too good either.

I really hope they'll eventually fix at least the UX part if not policy because there's a lot of content worth reading already posted there.


I totally agree with you, it's very frustrating to click on a Medium link (from twitter or reddit for example) and never know if it is behind a paywall or not. I'd rather be Rickrolled instead.


So you're telling me I should strategically submit Medium articles that only contain a Rickroll? πŸ˜‚


I just made a medium article post a few days ago in a long time and it automatically got paywalled, which is kinda a jerky move.


Good article on what’s currently going on with medium. Specially agree with your comments in regards to their UX design.


Medium wants paywall. If your article is not pay-walled, then it is not starred (with some rare exceptions). Right now, I can see 30 articles pay-walled and 3 that are not (and from the 30 articles, half of them are not from my category). And I usually receive emails from articles that, again, are not from my category and they are paywalled.

Why medium wants paywall?.

  • Viewers must pay for it.
  • Writers must pay for it, so it is not for free for the writers.

So the use of paywall is not up for the writer, or put paywall or we tank your viewers.

Medium costs $5 per month. It is fine for somebody that doesn't want the burden to install their own site but for a developer, it makes sense to pay for a server and control all the settings.


Arguing that Medium makes it difficult to get noticed without the paywall is definitely a valid argument.

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