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Brave Chicky Dice Adventure

Brave Chicky Dice Adventure


This is just a simple turn-based game where you just have to throw a dice, defeat the enemy, and go to the highest floor as you can.

Help Chicky to climb up the Natural Tower by giving it a command. Chicky doesn't quite understand yet what it will do.

There are 4 possible commands to fight the ghost defending the Natural Tower.

By rolling the dice, you can guide Chicky with the possible commands depends on the number appeared on the dice.

  • == 1 Do nothing
  • >= 2 Defend
  • >= 3 Defend, Attack
  • >= 5 Defend, Attack, Heal

Also, you may challenge your friends and brag your highest score.

I haven't been ditching practicing web development these days, and I had hard time creating all these stuff.

This game is best viewed in landscape mode.


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