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Takane Ichinose
Takane Ichinose

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#CodepenChallenge | 3D Ice Cream 🍦 With p5.js and GSAP

A simple animation of an ice cream 🍦 being served placed on a cone.

I created the 3D image of an ice cream and cone using p5.js.

I created the animation using GSAP timeline.

I'm still practicing creating a 3D image using WebGL (or related libraries). I actually messed up the generation of lighting and the material itself, so the ice cream looks like a rubber ball. 😆

I'm planning to take-on creation of textures, and also better animation of an image. In addition, also creation of a better background for the <canvas> tag to blend the with the background.

The animation can be re-animated by clicking the "Reset" button at the top right corner of the screen.

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