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Takane Ichinose
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Input Form Covered In Darkness

Input Form Covered In Darkness


This time, because it should be the combination of all the pens I did for this month, I tried to combine the concepts of them all.

Although I didn't include the pen as it is, I took few assets from my past pens this month, and added those here.

In addition, I really didn't want to do this, but I couldn't think anything that is a scary UI/UX, so I made it scary because of the bad UX.

The main point of this pen is the darkness. User have to find the input form to be sent.

I created the UI of checkboxes and radio buttons using HTML and CSS.

Beware of flying stones! (Though it will not hit you)


I used Creepster as the font. I think this font is so scary.

I used GreenSock as my animation library. It is really fun to use this library.

Although it is an import from my previous pen, I used Aseprite to create the asset (Just a single stone).

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