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Creating Laravel Desktop Apps Part 1: Setup

Hello there? How are you? Ever wondered if it was possible to turn that lovely Laravel project of yours into a desktop app. Well this tutorial if for you.

I will show you guys how to turn a Laravel app into a desktop app. Lets dive in...

Step 1: Download Laravel Electron

If you want to turn Laravel into a Mac Desktop App, then type the following:

git clone

If you want to turn laravel into a Windows Desktop App, the type the following:

git clone

Theses repos are almost the same except for a few differences(platform specific tweaks)

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Navigate into the project (cd folder_name) and install dependencies:

npm install OR yarn install

This will install all required dependencies...

Step 3: Run the project

To run the project simple type:

npm start OR yarn start

For MAC OS users preface these commands with sudo like this:

sudo npm start OR sudo yarn start

This should start your project successfully....

You should see something like

Laravel Version So and So
PHP Version So and So


By the way the Laravel version used is 6 and PHP version is 7.2

Have fun!

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Camilo Payan

Cool! I just saw an interesting application that runs on Laravel and that I'd prefer not to host, so I'll check this out.

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Takunda Madechangu

Ok cheers