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Takunda Madechangu
Takunda Madechangu

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Preventing Burnouts, The Condensed Version

Ladies and Gentlemen this is how you defeat burnouts

  1. Don't overspend your energy(mental, emotional, physical). Energy coming in should be more than energy going out.
  2. Accept your limits.
  3. Manage your tasks and time faithfully.
  4. Find balance, don't overdo things.

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Kenneth Suarez

I love to develop and after some burnouts I think the best advice I can give, is, just try to enjoy in your work, have fun developing with people you care about. You need to have your personal projects that keeps you motivated in the development field. And is everything about the mood.

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Takunda Madechangu

I agree with you Kenneth, I ve been doing personal projects and I am enjoying the journey