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How many side projects have you started this year?

Are you a full-stack developer like me who like launching side projects?

What are you currently working on and what's your monetization strategy?

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Gary Bell

3 projects, but no monetization strategy that's going to remotely cover the bills.
1 is to help me learn more python and vuejs - it's a dashboard for me to monitor hard drive capacity and use on my home network. I might release it at some point.

Another is more an academic exercise to combine multiple similar services into a single library. I will release this once a couple are integrated, but will be free.

My third ongoing project is a PHP coding book. It's certainly the hardest of the 3, but I'm hoping to get back to it this week and have a solid few weeks on it in evenings. The strategy for that is sell it cheap just to get it out there. If I can sell 1 copy I will be happy. I'm doing it more for fun, and to say I have published a book.

I do have another project waiting which I would like to try and monetize, but only to cover the cost of any hosting (and maybe a coffee or beer)

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