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Erik Guzman
Erik Guzman

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Stream 11/10/2019 - Overlay Reverse Gravity Command Complete!

Check Out the Stream @

If you're about the working I was doing on today's stream you can check out the project here:


Also, see all the factoring and implementation details here:

Reverse gravity by talk2MeGooseman · Pull Request #99 · talk2MeGooseman/twitch-interactive-overlay

Today Objective

  • [x] Finish the refactoring and implementation for the Reverse Gravity command


Doing the refactoring of logic to the BaseSprite class allowed me to delete a lot of common code especially around managing the timer events. I also took the opportunity to refactor the Coins/Gems classes since they all shared the same logic. Now Coin extends BaseSprite and the Gem extend Coin since they are just Coins with higher value and different key but same interactions.

I love being to do all of this refactoring because its slowly removing over-engineered parts of the code and pulling together common code across the Sprites.

Now !reverse_gravity is a thing!

Future action items

None, met our goals for the stream today :)

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