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Stream 10/17/2019 - Confused bluefish!

Oh boy, this stream was a bit rough. I went on a journey of fixing a bug in React Twitch Video Embed lib and we went down the rabbit hole of upgrading Storybook. It feels good to get things updated but things were running SO SLOW in WSL2. I need to nuke my setup soon and start fresh.

Today Objective


  • At the top of the stream, we started to look at the issue for react-twitch-embed-video. While looking at the issue I discovered that the version of Storybook was VERY outdated and should try to get it up to the latest.
  • Upgrading v3 to v4 was for the most part smooth. There was an error when going to v4.0 but skipping ahead to v4.1.18 resolved that issue
  • When going up to version v5 I realized all the babel configs were somewhat outdated at needing to get bumped to v7, so I ended having to tackle that also.
    • Thanks npx babel-upgrade
  • After getting annoyed with file watchers not working for WSL2 on my Windows machine (which was forcing me to start/stop storybook). I decided to try to have Storybook use custom Webpack config so that I can watch it to do file watching for changes

Shoutouts and Thanks

  • PakamanJr
    • Resub for 19 months!!!!
    • Gifting 10 subs!!!!! THANKS!
  • Jamit
    • Filing a new feature request for stream cc and just being awesome
    • 2 months resub! THANKS!
  • JamesMontemagno
    • Gift sub! THANKS!
    • Tipped $2! THANKS!
    • Tip 20 bits! THANKS!
  • AkiraLaine: Resub for 15 months!
  • LilyHazel
    • 3 months resub!!!! THANKS!
  • azurekoi
    • For the stream log title suggestion: confused bluefish!

Future action items

  • [ ] Need update storybook to v5
  • [ ] Need to figure how to get custom webpack config to do file watching via pooling
  • [ ] Add leader board for gifted subs
  • [ ] Release new version of react-twitch-video-embed

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