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New Format For The Streams

Today I am going to start doing a new format for my Twitch streams. As we start the stream well take notes in a stream journal. The overall objective is to document the stream journey day to day. Make note of things found out and used to meet the objective's and shout out contributors to the days stream.

This is a new experiment that I hope goes well.

Today's Objective


  • While investigating the reported height issue for the Video embed, discovered might be able to fix the issue if we also set the defined width and height the parent div container
  • Unfortunately we couldn't get to all the action items for today because my Windows computer decided to UPDATE right before stream
  • Nice thing is that we do have some good action items for next open source stream
  • Github Docs page for migrating Github Actions to the new format is broken and slowed us down since we were doubling check and filing an issue

Shout outs and thanks

  1. JamesMontemagno
    1. Raiding US!!!!
    2. Gifting a sub to KymPhillpotts!
    3. Gifting 100 bits, WHOA
  2. nick_larsen
    1. Use battle of bastards seen for when getting raided

Future action items

  • Look into updating the React Twitch Video Embed for setting the width and height on the root div that its inserted into.
  • Add Battle of Bastards to new Raid screen BG
  • Add to the comfykit.js file to be even more helpful to extension builders.
    • Talk to instafluff about breaking it out to its on package for anyone to install

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