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Stream 10/15/2019 - Nighttime blatherings of MajorThorn

talk2megooseman profile image Erik Guzman Originally published at Updated on ・2 min read

Hey hey, another stream day another log entry. Might all the goals we needed to make a for Stream Closed Captioner extension and then decided to dive into some server ops stuff at the end. Curious about the extension? Check it out here:

Today Objective


Shoutouts and Thanks

  • madpotatokipp
    • For letting me know my audio settings were wrong after windows decided to update for me AGAIN
  • MajorThorn
    • Coming up with today's stream log title
  • tbdgamer
    • Thanks for the RAIDDDDD

Future action items

  • [ ] Continue figuring safest route to updates sidekiq to v6

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