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Erik Guzman
Erik Guzman

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Stream 11/5/2019 - Trying out Visual Studio Online and Github Package Registry

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Today I Learned:

  • Visual Studio Online is pretty cool and easy to get running
  • Github Package Registry doesnt make gems publicly available for download
  • Found nice little rate limit gem for specific methods in the code

Today Objective


  • Visual Studio Online
    • It's cool that you can point to a repo when you want to create a new dev env
    • Issue: Annoying that you can close the editor and go back to the env list
    • Observation: Using Setting Sync with the Login with Github feature doesnt work because of the callback URL handling
    • Observation: Great for doing an interview in conjunction with VS Code Live Share
    • Issue: Automatic port forwarding did not work for me when starting up storybook
    • Observation: So in order to access your running website you need to use Port Forwarding. In my case auto port forwarding didnt trigger so I had to go and manually add a port that storybook was running on. The real nice thing is that the port forwarded URL authenticated so you dont have to worry about other accessing it.
    • Observation: Hot module reloading will not work with port forwarding of the site
    • Issue: It impossible trying to get to the docs for any help because there is no linking anywhere on the IDE or the management page
  • Github Package Registry for gem

  • Rate Limit work

Shoutouts and Thanks

  • Lurking_kat
    • Twitch Prime Resub

Future action items

  • [ ] Need to fix rspec spec for rails 6 upgrade and look into deprecation warnings.
  • [ ] Still need to wait on gem being released for full rails 6 upgrade

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