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Stream 10/31/2019 - Successful Rails 6 Upgrade

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Today Objective

  • [x] What to call today's log
  • [x] Review last streams TODOs
  • [x] Fix a bug with showcase page timing out on occasion
  • [x] Add in Sentry to our application for error monitoring
  • [x] Continue upgrade Rails journey


  • Found out the root cause for the showcase page on stream-cc erroring out. It turns out that I reached a breaking point when there are A LOT of streamers that have the extension installed. So when I am requesting stream information for those channels that are living using it, I am exceeding the single length of a request causing a 404 to Twitch. Neede to add chunking for requests so I don't try to grab ALL of the channels at once.
  • While going through the gems that need to be upgraded. I noticed the talk_like_a_pirate gem 0.2.2 version had not been released yet so I filed an issue
    • The maintainer seems responsive since he had merged my pull request so hopefully, they get around to this soon.
  • Successfully upgraded our app to Rails 6

Shoutouts and Thanks

  • Kilmon007
    • For coming by and saying hi and enjoying stream cc extension
    • For their very first SUB!!!

Future action items

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