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Zeal Stream 10/18/2019 - The Very First Stream & Learning Lua!!!

Checkout the stream @

Today was the very for Zeal stream! It was a very casual stream where I spent time talking about future objectives for the stream and welcoming all the new followers! Afterwards we dove into learning Lua programming language and struggling plenty with it. It was great and loved the participation and support. I am looking forward to next Friday @ 1PM for the next stream.

Today Objective

  • [x] Help Bridge the Gap by encouraging others!
  • [x] What to call today's log
  • [x] Talk about the stream and what we want to accomplish
  • [x] Highlight principles
  • [x] Ask some chat members to provide some insight on what they would like from coding stream
  • [x] Start diving into learning Lua


Shout-outs and Thanks

  • To all new followers
  • rw_grim
    • For helping out with our learning lua journey
  • DoctorArgus for some great ideas and support
  • Alca for being our very first message in the chat

Future action items

  • [ ] Continue learning Lua
  • [ ] Make a poll to vote on what we will call our chat members
  • [ ] Alca - Love to do an interview with you about your experiences being self taught
  • [ ] Look into getting some other guests on stream that might be doing presentation or demos at conference or meetups.
  • [ ] Pairing sessions:
    • [ ] With DoctorArgus
    • [ ] Figure out possible pairing session with new mentees
    • [ ] Maybe work with some other people
  • [ ] Get stellar high five sound clip
    • [ ] Have high five sound effect play when moving hand to camera
    • [ ] Can be use to high five people for stellar chat participation

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