How often do you restart your computer?

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I abuse my computers. I'm terrible. I hate restarting and I hate closing tabs.

My policy is this, when my computer gets to be slow enough to annoy me I'll finally restart it.

I'm the worst.

What's your policy?

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I usually shut down my computer at nights, if it's not running anything special. Very useful to cleanup the mess of programs that you accumulate during the day.

If not, there's always Windows Updates (or recently my Xubuntu machine with the 19.04).


I don't restart my laptop, it tells me when it needs a restart (and updates) by failing to wake up from sleep :)


Since I never restart my laptop, she decided to take matters into her own hands and restarts herself whenever she wants to hahaha

Tho', I always turn off my work computer after I finish my work day :3


It depends: my work PC is restarted once a week. The reason is very simple: because of low disk space, it does not suspends, but it goes in "low consumption" mode. As low the consumption can be, the battery would not last a whole weekend, so on Friday I shutdown it.

My home computer is different and usually I reboot it when there is a major kernel update (that requires reboot) or I leave home for several days.


At work I usually only do it when I know I'll be gone for about a week or so.

At home usually every night. I'll turn it on in the morning even if I'm not going to use it till later. Just a habit of mine.

My MacBook Pro? Hardly ever.


For my personal computer, I need to get better at doing restarts etc overnight. Updates take up so much time and computing power on Windows 10 that my PC grinds to a halt which is frustrating.

For my work PC, I haven't restarted it yet... Though I'm sure my I.T. Department doesn't automatic restarts and updates out of working hours. But I might try getting into the habit of turning it off when I leave Friday.


When the mini display that pilots the external monitor stops working correctly.

Sometimes if I open the laptop lid it doesn't go back into multi monitor mode and if I unplug the cable I still can't see anything on the laptop's monitor. Then I have to restart it.


Computers nowadays are pretty good without having to shutdown. I've had my mac run for months without ever shutting down.

Windows is about the same. Truth of the matter is if you kill an application and is a reputable app it completely stops using system resources.

If you think a computer needs a reboot just because is been a while check out task monitor or task manager to see what's eating up resources usually a kill pid should do the job without rebooting.


I usually do it every 4 days, or when I have to switch between OS


Turn on in the morning, and shut down before going to bed :P


I keep my machines turned off if I'm not using them. Mostly for power (and money) saving and enviromental reasons.

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