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Tamojeet Kuila (Ahaan)
Tamojeet Kuila (Ahaan)

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My 1st Hacktoberfest.

This year was the 8th HACKTOBERFEST🍁🍂

This was actually my first time attending Hacktoberfest. Despite hearing about it the year before, I chose not to join.
This year I decided to give my best and try it out.

After registering, the search🧐 for an open-source project began.
Because this was my first time contributing to an open-source projects, I was a little bit nervous. I was at a loss as to which projects to choose. Python is my preferred technology stack. I also have a good grip in Front-End. As a result, I began searching for open-source projects involving the Python programming language and HTML,CSS.
I was stunned by the number of project lists that flashed on my screen. However, there is no need to be concerned. "There are still 26 days left,"🤔 I told to myself, "I'll figure it out!"
As a result, I began looking for beginner-friendly GitHub repositories. I also discovered a repository for DSA learning. When I looked at the repository, I discovered that it was about data structures and algorithms. It also offered a choice of programming languages to use. As a result, I followed the process for creating a contribution file in the repo.
(However, it has been discovered that DSA repos are being EXCLUDED this year.)

Then, in the middle of the month, my Mid-Term Exams kept me occupied🥲. 15 days have passed in this manner. The date was October 24th. I completed 6 PRs, of which only 1 got 'Accepted.' "Man, it doesn't look very easy," I thought. To be honest I got a little bit disheartened🥺 got a little bit demotivated. Then, by coincidence, I received a message from one of my DISCORD friend who had also attended Hacktoberfest. He informed me that his PRs had been merged. He gave me some advice on how to select high-quality Repositories.

And after many 'research' I was able to sign off the month with 5 more PRs. And guess what? They all got Accepted🎉.
The Hacktoberfest team also had the merged PRs held for 14 days as pull request maturity time.
The maturation time was met by all my PRs. And now I'm proud of myself for contributing to opensource projects and successfully completing the Hacktoberfest 2021 ✌️🥳.

MORAL OF THE STORY: It's never too late, never too late to start over. The result is always worth it!!

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