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How to signing digital signature for macos app bundle and linux executable

I have an java swing application and building executable for three platform Window (exe), macOS(.app) an linux(.sh). I also have a .p12 certificate file and signed for exe file on windows and can check as digital signature tab in properties. But when I try with macos and linux, I confuse that is there we can assign p12 certificate to macOS app (.app) and linux ( .sh) like window (exe) on the linux build server ?
I used linux build server to build executable for three platform

Thanks all.
Happy coding ..

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Devin Handspiker-Wade

Signing Mac apps requires that you are using a certificate issued by Apple and the only way to sign an executable is with XCode. You're out of luck if you have to use a Linux build server. You'll need to run a build agent/runner on OSX.

As far as Linux, I don't know if I've seen a signed shell script. Signing an executable for Linux goes against the idea of FOSS. Linux programs normally provide a SHA1 or MD5 hash for the user to verify the executable with.

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Nguyễn Tấn Dũng

I need my app can sign as an identified developer, not an unknown source or an unidentified developer, may be I need a lot of research for this issue.

Thanks for your helping.