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Tanwi Kumari
Tanwi Kumari

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Great Opportunity for everyone to explore open source-Hacktoberfest 2021

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✨I have been participating first time in any open source program.As a beginner I would suggest everyone who are willing to explore open source and want to contribute on more than one projects, Do participate in Hacktoberfest and start doing contribution from basic projects if you are beginners otherwise there are lots of projects of different level in different languages. Anyone can choose projects of their choice. Here is the link of hacktoberfest topic from where you can choose projects of your choice of language.

Intro Heading

✨ I am a Passionate Learner and extremely passionate about development .Love to enhance my existing skills and gain new skills by exploring the technologies deeply. I love to work on more web development projects So, I had decided to explore more about open source to build up my skills and contribute to some innovative projects And Hacktoberfest is a great opportunity for me to start my open-source journey. I am very grateful to be a part of Hacktoberfest 2021.✨


Today,I am very happy to share that I have contributed to 3 projects and done five pull request and four pull request got merged. Now, I am Looking Forward to contribute more to medium and hard level of projects. ✨✨


Some of the beginners level repository to contribute:


✨ I had no idea about open source before my first pull request got merged but after doing 2 contribution on regular basis with consistency I started enjoying doing open-source contribution. It gives me a great opportunity to learn from others and enhance your thinking skills by sharing each other ideas together.
I am very thankful to Hacktoberfest team to give us this opportunity and As a participant I want to say more thanks to all the mentors for your support and kindness✨

Beginners just do these few points to start your Open source journey.

  • Register yourself on Hacktoberfest
  • find projects of your choice.
  • Find the issue in your choosen projects.
  • start working on projects.
  • create pull request.
  • your first pull request get merged.yayyyyy!!!

Find the issue and Solve that issue ✨
Happy Coding!
Thank you for reading:)
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AbcSxyZ • Edited

Hey, welcome in the open source world :)

Happy to see it was a good experience, I hope your contributions was well received ;)

To help you in this journey, I'm doing some educationnal content about open sources, to let you understand what is it really, the history, how to build an open source project & soon lot more information !

If you want to take a look, in the hope it helps you to empower yourself with open source :

Nice job <3

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Tanwi Kumari

Thank you :)