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taran17809555 profile image Taranpreet Singh ・1 min read

Started studtying geometry for cp.
gave around 4-5 coding contest on sunday ->
first morning leetcode challenge (solved 1),,
then gave coding test organized by placement cell of our college(along with apt test).
atcoder beginner(solved 2 ) ..... codeforces div2(solved 1)..finally a pupil on cf :)......way more to go

practised some constructive algo problem on cf(rating >1000)+dsa

studied springboot(java) + mysql (db connector) ->will be completing the course soon,

studied trees from cp book and some few leetcode ques on bst(easy).

didnt got selected for amdocs :(
(ps ->i just completed around 80 days of 100days with code :)

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