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Taranpreet Singh
Taranpreet Singh

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Day 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100:100DaysOfCode

great 10days with the finish of this great challenge.
learned a lot ->
many cf contest in past days ->
cf div2(solved 1)
div3(solved 1)
educational round(solved 3)
atcoder beginner(solved 2)
leetcode weekly contest(solved 1)

--> learnt how to integrate apis(basically created on spring boot) in flutter
started studying javascript,
codedrills icpc practise #6 contest(solved 1),

practised greedy/bits on leetcode.

it was a great experience with this #100daysofcode challenge.

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Henry Boisdequin

Great job!

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Taranpreet Singh