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Microservices master thesis: Current research areas?

Hey, i want to write my master thesis soon and i am currently looking for a topic that i could focus on.

I am also working full-time, so it'd be optimal if i can combine work with the thesis. At work, we currently rewrite an application from scratch using microservices (it used to be a monolith).

So i am trying to find a topic in the microservices area.
I would like to focus on one specific aspect/challenge/problem of microservices.

I started looking into some topics:

  • Observability (Logging, Metrics, ...)
  • Service Discovery
  • Service Orchestration
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Build/Deployment Automation
  • Testing Automation
  • Data Consistency
  • (Inter-)Service Communication
  • Self Adaption / Self Healing
  • ...

I did not really dive deep into those topics yet, i am just trying to collect some papers and get a general overview.

My goal would be to find and focus on an area, that has multiple approaches and solutions, compare them and develop a guideline in which scenario each of those solutions would be best suited. Or some area thats actively beeing researched on or has "future work" left to do, that i could practically work on.

Does anyone have an idea, what topic could be interesting in regards to microservices? Preferably a problem, that has multiple approaches and not something where there is only one "solution", that basically everyone in the industry follows.

I highly appreciate any tips :)

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Mrinalini Sugosh (Mrina)

Observability and Build/Deployment Automation are pretty big industry issues and would certainly make for an interesting thesis. Especially, if you are exploring performance alongside observability in microservices.