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Cover image for Taskord alpha is out now 🎉
Yogi for Taskord

Posted on

Taskord alpha is out now 🎉

Hey folks 👋

For the past one month, I was working on a project called Taskord as a part of 100 Days of Code. Fortunately, the project now turns into a public product.

Make sure to signup today

There is an exciting announcement at the end of this article!

What is Taskord?

Taskord is free open source social media for tasks! where users can post public and private todos, ask questions, and launch products. Taskord helps you to get things done together with the members of the community.


  • Login / Signup
    • Secured PWNED Validator 🛡
    • Social auth via Google or Twitter 🌐
    • Magic Link authentication 🔮
  • Tasks
    • Pending Tasks ⌛
    • Done Tasks ✅
    • Due date 📅 (only for patrons)
    • Image Upload 📸
  • Questions
    • Answers 💬
    • Trending Questions 📈
    • Patron's Questions 🔒 (only for patrons)
  • Product
    • Product related tasks ✅
    • Subscribe ➕
    • Release Updates 📦
    • Stats 📊 (Coming Soon)
  • User
    • User related tasks ✅
    • Follow ➕
    • Reputations 🎮
    • Stats 📊 (Coming Soon)
  • Integration
    • GitHub 🐙
    • GitLab 🦊
    • Webhook ⚓
  • Deals 🎁 (only for patrons)
  • Dark mode 🌑 (only for patrons)


Here are some of our product screenshots!



User Profile




Tasks (Zen Mode)








And lot more are there!

Make sure to signup and get a free lifetime pro subscription, hurry up, only for Alpha users 💜

We have a plan to promote our product to beta by the first week of October 📅🤞

PS: We are open source too, Inspired lot from Forem! Here is our link to the codebase

We are looking forward to your feedback, roasts, bugs, features, anything you want!

Thank you.

Top comments (4)

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

Is there any plan for a terminal client?

yo profile image
Yogi Author

Yes, it is in our roadmap! We will add your +1 now 💜

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

Nice. please let me now when you got something.

Thread Thread
yo profile image
Yogi Author

Sure we will!

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