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Taskord Changelog - Sep 15

Welcome to Taskord Changelog 📜, This is a weekly post where we share what we shipped to Taskord this week.

Visit Taskord:

This week on Taskord

  • Webhook updates to prevent logging GitHub and GitLab commits from Dependabot and StyleCI made by bots 🤖❌
  • Shipped user stats dashboard for Admins 📊


  • Ability to add multiple members to the product's team 👥🤝

Screenshot (4)

  • Added Lightbox Image Viewer 📸


  • Added Stacked Avatar of replied users in the recent questions section 👥

Screenshot (4)

  • Added more platform stats in the admin bar 📈

Screenshot (4)

Make sure to signup today!

Thanks 🙏

For working on design mockups and taking care of marketing stuff!

For providing constant feedbacks and feature requests!

Happy shipping ❤️

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