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Javascript Concepts you can't miss to crack the interview (2022)

Hey JS lovers <3,

As we all are doing coding in javascript every other day but somehow we all forgot to revisit the nature and basics of javascript which is required to write optimized code.

Before sharing the JS concepts to crack the interview, one thing I would like to suggest you guys is that don't read the below concepts for the sake of cracking the interview. For everyone, who wants to be a Javascript expert, you need to practice a lot, in a way that you don't need to google the interview questions next time ;)

  1. JS Execution Context and Hoisting
  2. Prototype and Object Inheritance
  3. ES6 Features - let, const, arrow functions, spread vs rest operator, destructuring, Set etc.
  4. DOM manipulation
  5. Array Methods
  6. String Methods
  7. undefined vs not defined
  8. Event Loop
  9. callback vs promise vs async await
  10. async vs defer
  11. this keyword
  12. Closure
  13. Currying
  14. High Order functions and pure functions
  15. call, bind and apply
  16. setTimeout vs setInterval
  17. Memoization

Apart from the above concepts, one should also focus on JS design patterns so that you can make the overall system easier to understand and maintain.

There are number of design patterns available on Google which are majorly divided in three categories:

  1. Creational
  2. Structural
  3. Behavioral

Revisit the above concepts and start learning. If you face any issues, feel free to reach me on LinkedIn :)
I will be more than happy to help.

Feel free to add your inputs in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

"Learn Together, Grow Together !"

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