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BrainTool - Productive Research

tconfrey profile image Tony Confrey ・1 min read

BrainTool is something I've been looking for for a long time but never found, so I decided to build it. It's a somewhat unique take on bookmarks, browser management and note taking; combining a Chrome extension with a back end plain-text org-mode file stored on your Google Drive.

With a couple of keystrokes in Chrome you can tag a web page into your BrainTool file which is composed of hierarchical tags and notes. That file can then be edited in any plain text editor, ideally emacs with org-mode.

For me it allows for the seamless combination of browser-based research and note taking. The BrainTool browser side panel allows Chrome tabs and windows to be controlled en masse.

Check it out on the Chrome Web Store! and LMK what you think.

PS Source available on GitHub


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