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IntelliJ - Error:java: release version 5 not supported

A common error in IntelliJ when attempting to run a new Java maven project is Error:java: release version 5 not supported.

Here are 3 techniques to resolve this. Try them in order. If one doesn't resolve the issue, try the next.

1. Update Java Compiler

  • Go to IntelliJ IDE menu item (or File on Windows) -> Preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Java Compiler

  • Delete value under Target bytecode version, then click OK

  • Refresh maven

  • Try running again. If problem persists, continue on to number 2 below

2. Update SDK Version

  • Go to File -> Project Structure -> Project Settings -> Project. Make sure you have the correct Java version selected. It should be the same as the one you downloaded

  • Also on this same panel, go to Platform Settings -> SDKs. Make sure you have the correct Java version selected

  • Click OK

  • Refresh maven

  • Try running again. If problem persists, continue on to number 3 below

3. Add property to pom.xml

  • Within IntelliJ, open pom.xml file

  • Add this section before <dependencies> (If your file already has a <properties> section, just add the <maven.compiler...> lines below to that existing section):

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  • Change the x in 1.8 to your Java version. For example, if you’re using Java 13, change 1.8 to 1.13

  • Refresh maven

  • Try running again

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ishwaks profile image
Ishwak Sharda

By default, your "Project bytecode version isn't set in maven project.

It thinks that your current version is 5, so just go to "Project Settings>Build, Execution...>compiler>java compiler" and then change your bytecode version to your current java version.

Have a good day :)

matthew_c_o profile image
Matthew Ohrenberg

This is what fixed mine. Thank you very much, sir.

cyalef profile image
Bhavishay Mankani

Thank you so much, it totally worked for me.

collinsuz profile image
Collins Uzebu • Edited

There are many great answers here. If you imported your maven project from spring initializr, make sure the project is set to your your java version. In my case Java 16.

Goto File > Project Structure > Modules
Select the project folder, next change the Language level to your Java version, apply and click OK.

lopitz profile image
Lars Opitz

The proper solution for maven-based projects is to change the target version as shown by Angie in option 3. I added some background on the root cause and provided an additional example for spring boot projects and "plain" java projects here:

pradhan41 profile image
pradhan41 • Edited

None of Angie's steps worked for me but setting build plugin in POM file like below worked for me .




khmarbaise profile image
Karl Heinz Marbaise

Just a small hint. For JDK9+ you have to use 9 or 10 etc. instead of 1.X cause 1.X does not exist for JDK9+.

So for JDK13 you have to use 13 instead of 1.13...

sabbaghov007 profile image

Thank you!

osamawaqarsheik profile image
Osama sheikh

Thank you :)
very much helpful.

duka_pa profile image

Thx Angie..... the third solution worked for me. Tried all of them but finally success with the third one. Thx

joewood_85 profile image
Joe Wood

Thank you, Angie. New to Maven and new to IntelliJ; option 3 did it for me.

jey84 profile image

How can I Fixx this ???????

mfelipebr profile image
Mario Felipe Nogueira de Almeida

A terceira opção funcionou. Obrigado! The 3th option worked. Thanks.

donegitit profile image

Thanks! This works like a charm.

diana0303 profile image

thank you so much! you really saved me

theiotman profile image

This problem usually happen when you create new project in InteliJ. To solve this problem you can follow this video step by step:
Sorry for my bad english.