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The 4 things I recommend to everyone on the developer job search in 2021

Finding a job in 2021 is about being prepared and responsive to the right opportunities on LinkedIn, Twitter, and in your email inbox.

Four main things to have ready...

1️⃣. Do you have the demonstrable work to show on the ready? 🏗

For devs, is your code:

  • Front-facing, especially if it's on a large-scale enterprise app, is that on the ready?

  • On a live site for non-techie peeps?

  • Linked in a repo so tech peeps can see your commits and logic?

2️⃣. Do you have your portfolio and resume easily accessible? 💼

For devs, are your apps:

  • easily found on your portfolio page? Assuming you have one — make one from

  • including thorough descriptions of what you contributed

  • can anyone download your updated resume from your portfolio

3️⃣. Do you have your calendar open and ready to schedule a video call? 📆

As a dev, are you good at:

  • scheduling zoom calls, then creating a google calendaring

  • only doing zoom calls for initial meetings to build a rapport

  • making a Calendly account that automatically does it

4️⃣. Do you ask good questions❓

As a dev, have you:

  • found out a little about the recruiter, not just the role and the salary

  • gained an understanding of what the company does and what its mission is

  • discovered if the role is full-time or contract to hire

To piggyback off of number 4. I highly recommend these free guides from Taylor Desseyn.

Be ready to ask your own unique questions, but it's great food for thought.

I definitely have asked many of these questions during the first meetings or tech interviews.

All the best on your job search and drop a comment.

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