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Coded a Profile Card Template

This profile card was inspired by 2 things. There is a certain project called Profile Card Component on a website called this project featured a social media following profile card that had amount of followers and likes and etc.

This profile card was inpsired and created with code and structure from a CodePen called Profile Card Design by a developer named Florin Pop. Florin has an amazing blog, that I absolutely credit in inspiring this profile card I coded.

The code from this project I made is merely a bunch of text edits, a few css colorway changes, and soon enough... more moving around of elements.

For now, I will keep it like this, and make an updated post and version of this profile card, as these type of business card type websites are becoming more increasingly popular.

Besides those facts, the process of coding a card like this would most likely need a few divs, the right element tags, css organization skills, and appropriate colors, fonts, text size, and images.

I enjoyed coding this, and would like you to try making a copy of mine too!

==> Profile Card Template <==

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